Who we are

Welcome to COZWAP. 

We are a small start-up team dedicated to making a marketplace only for cosplay. 

COZWAP is a marketplace where you can buy and sell any cosplay items that your heart desires. 

The founder of COZWAP had this idea from seeing many cosplayers (as well as herself) suffer from not being able to continue their hobby because of money issues. Don't get us wrong, cosplay is an expensive hobby, however, there are ways to make it into a recycling hobby as well! That's where COZWAP comes in! 

Cosplayers are constantly making new cosplays and costumes, while their other cosplays are rotting in the back of their closets. Now, because of COZWAP, you will be able to sell it to other cosplayers who want to use your cosplay for themselves!

You can call it recycling, or you can call it helping eachother out! Either way, this in turn will be a much less expensive hobby that everyone can enjoy.

Cosplayers need to stick together, and become a community. If each one of you helps eachother out, theres no stopping you, and you will be able to do what you love for a very long time.

So why not give COZWAP a try? :)